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Northern Advantage

Not all steel building manufacturers are created equal. Northern has a product line equal to even the largest manufacturers, while providing the scheduling and level of service of your own personal company. Our company boasts many important advantages:

Northern Builders:

Our builders and erectors have years of experience with numerous steel building companies. Our builders have chosen Northern because they believe in our abilities to service them so that they can better service you.

Design Efficiency:

Northern uses the latest metal building design software. This provides a multitude of design options. Initial costs are lower because the building is designed specifically for you.

Commitment on Delivery:

Traditionally, metal buildings arrive at the job site quickly and job scheduling is more predictable. Northern goes one step further. We will commit to you in writing when your building will be delivered.

Product Quality:

Northern products are designed, detailed and fabricated using state of the art design and manufacturing programs. Products are manufactured in AISC certified plants providing a level of inspection and quality that you can count on.

Erector Friendly:

Our builders and erectors will not lose time dealing with a large number of extra pieces or with light gauge endwalls Northern uses hot rolled endwalls helping make all of our buildings as erector friendly as possible.


Northern Building Systems warranties are among the elite in the industry, featuring Kynar ® and Siliconized paint systems as well as Galvalume ® all warranted for twenty plus years.

Energy Savings:

We can show you the most cost effective and efficient way to insulate your building system. A properly designed and installed insulation system in your Northern Building will provide you with many years of superior thermal performance.

Economy of Maintenance:

The maintenance cost for a pre-engineered building is less than one half the cost of conventional construction. This should be factored into your life cycle cost of your new building.

Life Cycle Costs

The combination of initial lower purchase cost, thermal economy and maintenance savings make steel  buildings by Northern Building Systems a positive choice.