Rigid Frame Clear Span

Rigid Frame Multi-Span

Tapered Beam Clear Span

Tapered Beam Multi-Span

Single Slope Clear Span

Single Slope Multi-Span

Lean-To (LTC) 10’ and wider

Special Frame Design

Rigid Frame Clear Span (RFC) 40′ and wider

Provides column-free interior space. Ideal for auditoriums, gymnasiums, aircraft hangars, or any situation where large open spaces are required.

Rigid Frame Multi-Span (RFM) 50′ and wider

Interior columns shorten the spans of the rafters, reducing the overall cost of the frame. Ideal for manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

Tapered Beam clear span (TBC) 20′ to 70′

Offers column-free interior floor space and uniform minimum depth columns. End uses include retail stores, branch banks and office facilities.

Tapered Beam Multi-Span (TBM) 50′ and wider

Uniform depth exterior columns with interior columns that reduce span lengths, reducing cost. Ideal for uses where interior sidewalk are to be finished for office areas. Other uses include warehouses and distribution centers, where wall palletizing is required.

Single Slope Clear Span (SSC) 20′ and wider

Available with straight or tapered columns. Provide single direction roof slope for rain water runoff control. Often used for strip shopping centers and office complexes.

Single Slope Multi-Span (SSM) 50′ and wider

Available with straight or tapered columns. Single slope design helps control rain water runoff. Used in facilities where interior columns do not impair building use. Ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centers, retail shopping centers and office complexes.

Lean-To (LTC) 10′ and wider

Used primarily for wing units and additions to existing facilities. Can be used with any of the above framing types.

Special Frame Design (SFD) 10′ and wider

Your building requirements dictate frame design. Whatever the shape, use or span there is an answer to your challenge.